Ejemplo de que hacer para Salir de una Crisis sin tener que destruir el BIENESTAR acumulado.


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Travel. Food. Photo. France.

Nic Freeman

Eating in France is a sensual, indulgent, near-sacred experience. Inspired by the French people, who seem to be captivated by their food, absorbing it rather than merely ingesting it, visitors will find their senses enlivened, their culinary imaginations fulfilled and their palates warmed to the finer delights of occasional dinning.

Accompanying the familiar features of French cuisine – baguettes, croissants, escargot, crème brûlée, Camembert – are the equally delicious cultural staples of rabbit and duck and terrine, as well as the local favourites of glazed custard tarts, crêpes and a heart-lifting variety of cheeses. Dishes are created butter-rich, cream-thickened and salted for that special French flavour, and plates are served simply, as if the food naturally occurred in such a rustic yet refined way.

The only thing for it is to let go, immerse your senses and enjoy the rich flavours of travelling in France.


My first real French macaroon…

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The Joys of French Champagne

Nic Freeman

Alighting to a crisp autumn vista of neat vineyards and floral tones was precisely what my wander-lusting heart had imagined for Champagne-Ardenne.

On first impressions, the French province so well known for its exclusive and decadent sparkling whites, is a countryside dream of lavender, daisies and carefully tended cottages all in a row.


With the train line and gentle hills behind me, I strolled into the hushed village of Avenay-Val-d’Or, delighted by the picturesque prettiness . I knew nothing of the village, having chosen to wander aimlessly through the French countryside while the fine weather held. The unexpected exploration proved a treat, as hours filled with photos and parks and fruit-laden vines idled past.


Avenay-Val-d’Or is an easy 7km from Epernay, and is graced with provincial charm, offering a few walking trails (mapped on a sign near the village fountain), a patisserie and some Champagne vineyards where the cogs of…

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Iniciacion al Blog- Epd2

17.30 de la tarde y empezando los primeros “steps” en este que espero sea un Buen Blog, que espero intentar utilizarlo como complementeo al Blackboard.


so . Para empezar creo que su creación no ha sido tan dificil podia parecer.



61.000M € con eso  se dice casi todo y  su mal Utilización.  


Volviendo a H.E. 

” Los ORIGENES DE LA REVOLUCION INDUSTRIAL” DE  HOSBSBWAM E.    Buen texto para profundizar un poco más en la R.I.

Será la EPD2 del next Thursday. ¡¡




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